2023 General election is daylight robbery, Fr Kelvin Ugwu cries out

Luper Aôndohemba

Fr Kelvin Ugwu has described the 2023 presidential election as daylight robbery. The cleric said this on his official Facebook page. He said:

I have been a little quiet here online about the whole electoral system and daylight robbery going on in Nigeria because the situation we are in right now is above just being emotional or Facebook shouting, it involves tactics.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu also said he has received so many messages which he knows that those in the appropriate quarters are already in possession of them and are putting all together to defend the mandate of the people.

This is why the first major step was to express explicit dissatisfaction with the entire electoral process, even in areas where LP won. This was done. I urge the LP chairman to remain firm amidst the pressure on him right now. I am also happy that all the international observers corroborated our stand that this election was a fraud. The election is so bad, even Malawi was not pleased. But of course, we all know that international observers are often there for formalities. In reality, the only thing you gain is the fact that analysts will want to know what outsiders are saying, other than that, they are useless. We have to fight our fight by ourselves.

As for Olusegun Obasanjo, I am happy he said what he said. If you listen carefully to his words, you will know that he was not just speaking from the head. INEC is compromised. All the results were doctored. All! Including Lagos.

So, even if Obi is announced as the winner of this election, it doesn’t call for celebration until the right figures and numbers are announced.

Fr Kelvin Ugwu shared the pictures below which clearly shows that the results of the election have been compromised.


He went ahead to say that what those rigging this election are simply saying is, we own you, we can do anything and nothing will happen. And truly, for years, they have been doing anything they like, and nothing had happened.

Let me also say this, you see all those securities deployed before the elections, especially in the Southern part of Nigeria, it is to hold you down from protest because they know there will be a nationwide protest like the Endsars protest. That was why in Lagos, with all the security shown to us before elections, people could still intimidate, snatch and destroy ballot boxes and get away with it. You would have expected that there will be police in every polling unit ready to put things in place, but Nah…that was not their primary mission.

This is why we need something more than emotion, and this is why I trust what is coming. The people behind this massive rigging, won’t get away with it.

As for PDP, while it feels good that they are also pushing for the right thing to be done, you should also recognize the fact that APC beat them to their game and right now they are like, if we must go down, APC must go down with us. Don’t be too excited about them, but take any word they alter about the rigging seriously because criminals know their fellow criminals and their tactics.

As for Wike, by now, I am sure no one is in doubt about who he truly is. It is good you know your enemies. The good news is that his evil plans for the people are already hitting him. Nowhere to hide, and no peace for the wicked.

Source: Fr Kelvin Ugwu

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