Once more, Fancy Acholonu and Alexx Ekubo break up.


After offering an apology and attempting to make amends with her ex-fiance, Alexx Ekubo, Nigerian beauty Fancy Acholonu has changed her mind once more.

Former lovers got married in August of 2021, but Acholonu abruptly called off the ceremony after they became engaged in May of that year.

The model publicly apologized to Ekubo on Instagram on Friday, saying that she still loves him with all of her heart.

I appreciate the apology, Ekubo commented in response to the apology. God be with us everyone.

Since then, the post has been removed.
Acholonu posted on Instagram on Monday to declare that she is “free” and that “the chain has broken” in an unexpected change of events.

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“All the best in the new year. My year of strength, courage, standing up for myself, and finally no longer being under anyone’s control will be 2023. I’m liberated; the chain is severed. God bless each of us. She captioned the picture with “#SimplyFancy.”

Fancy responded to inquiries in the comments section by asserting that the actor forced her to write the apology in an effort to harm his reputation.

When asked why the former couple split up in the first place by Instagram user @lindaedo, Acholonu responded, “For the same reason I no longer want to be with him, all of you are right people don’t change.

I most certainly


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