How to monetize your blog with high profit in 2023


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So, having gone through that post, I want to congratulate you as you have activated your 2023 for dollar earnings. Like I said, get yourself  prepare for 2023.

Making money has never been so difficult when you are consistently playing the role of an actor in your hubby.

So, without getting us bored let’s jump into it.

Blog Monetization among other content management niches such as YouTube monetization, is not new in the space. But, quite a number of young and talented entrepreneurs are yet to understand how all these works.

Monetizing a blog simply means activating the blog to start earning you money in real time. So in this article, I shall be explaining in detail how to monetize a blog by using one of the most prominent ads network in the course of my explanation.

This article is a deeper revelation of what majority of bloggers out there would not want to reveal. So, please take your time and read till the end.

Monetizing a blog requires the following;

Getting your blog populated with original contents that solves people’s problems. This among all things is most important. Today most bloggers quit blogging due to lack of some basic  understanding of how the internet mechanism works.

If you must go deeper, then understand that the competition is very high as new blogging ideas are born on the daily. This is to keep you aware of the crowd in the niche. So the only way you could beat the competition is to prepare your blog contentually to feature not just a one time content. I shall discuss about this aspect in my subsequent post.

A one time content is that content that looks most like a news about an event which after been visited would stop attracting readers. Always ensure you prepare your content in a recursive manner such that would attract old users and new users on the daily example of such content includes; tutorial about something you know best, such that is trendy but might be so common.

In other way, they are contents that users or readers refer to anytime. Contents like these often times solves problems. One of those includes teaching a difficult concepts in academics.

So, haven gotten an insight about what to blog about, now let’s talk about how many  blog post are required before you can start your monetization process.

Number of blog post required for monetization.

Do not be confused about the amount of posts needed on your blog page. What really matters here is the consistent amount of traffic the blog generates on a daily basis. Sometime you might have thousand of blog post, if none is attracting a desired amount of traffic needed by an advertiser, such blog might be as good as useless – pure truth( sorry am being so blunt)

Believe it or take it, just a single blog post can earn you the million Naira. 

All you need is a consistent traffic either through organic , direct , social media search.

In other to know or be sure of the status of your website traffic, it is important to have a knowledge about some analytical tools used in measuring website hit such as Google analytics, Search Console e.t.c.

The use of Google analytics can not be overlooked as it’s the bedrock to keeping track of all stats records. Website traffic stats shall be explained in my subsequent post.

So, now that you know the prerequisite to blog Monetization, now let’s talk about Monetization.

Upon reaching a desired consistent amount of traffic on your blog post, then you can proceed to ads application for your blog.

How to apply for Ads for blog Monetization.

There are tons of ads network out there responsible for ads serving such as Google AdSense or Adsterra. Their job is to give out ads (adverts) to bloggers like you, who have certain amount of traffic sufficient enough for their ads promotion.

So their job is to get ads from advertisers and serve such ads to you a blogger to help them serve the ads to a larger audience and in turn pay you for your service.

It is important to note that most of this ads network measure your earning using an ads measuring acronym known as CPM( Cost Per Mile). We shall also discuss CPM in detail in my subsequent post.

So how do we get started with the application.

1. The website is set on course

2. The website is believed to have been SEO Optimized

3. The website is speedy enough to display quickly with a low TBT( Total Blocking Time) and Low TTFB( Time To First Byte).

Now we can move forward ones we are sure of all these.

The iterated above are very important especially when it comes to Google AdSense application.

So, ones we are sure of these, follow the steps below:

1. login to your email account using your chrome browser (Recommended).

2. Upon successful login, click Google AdSense 

Google AdSense for blog monetization Get Started and select your mail as below

Google Oauth

4. Ones you have logged in click on the menu and select Sites

Google site application


5. Click on the Add site: Enter your blog URL and Save and continue 

Follow further instruction. Google would request you copy a code generated for you and add it between the <head >       </head> section of your website.

To handle this technicalities you can consult me for help.  Ones done, go ahead and request a review by Google to check if your website is good to serve ads.

Ones you get approval ads will automatically starts displaying in the best places on your blog.

Further instruction towards getting approval with Google AdSense will also be published in the next post.


Please feel free to comment below for questions and help while you are at it.

If you require help handling technicalities please feel free to reach out via the comment section.


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