How to start a blog and make profit in 2023


Good day guys, so, following the last post you saw about how to enjoy year 2023, here I have an update for you.

This update explains all that you need to do to start living the boss life in 2023

Some of us easily get discouraged when you hear the word blogging or digital marketing. Some would even say ” I do not have what to sell, so how will this business profit me?”

Well! You do not need to have visible items to give out, all you need is your knowledge and your readiness to explore your true self in letters. In letters I mean write-up of what you know, the ideas you have about a particular subject or concept.

Having known that, all we need is just our knowledge of things we encounter on our day to day routines.

Another aspect is how to get it to reach out to a larger audience out there.We shall be discussing all of these phases step-wisely.

Setting up a blog

The first step in this niche is setup. Setting up a blog is no longer a new topic; you can read about blog setup with wordpress content management system here. This step covers the designing and layout development of the blog or website or a landing page as desired by the user.

Creating content

Content creation is the second phase, this requires ideas through users knowledge. According to research, most users or content creators are known to making up contents from their hobbies. By doing this, such user derive pleasure and fulfillment. Sometimes, they consider it as a play and such play converts into a physical cash in their hands at the end of the day.

Note: Sometimes our psychological behavior influences our success rate. We shall dwell more on this in the next post.

While some finds content easier to develop out of their daily encounters, it is burdensome to a few who would not believe that all their activities online relative to communication is tantamount to content creation. If anyone spends 10 minutes chatting with a friend online, such an individual is creating contents. When you are posting a video of your newly acquired properties, you are creating content, same way when you are sending a music file to a friend you are creating content. But in all these activities performed how many turns in to physical cash for you?

The question now is that has anyone paid for your chat with them, your video, your pictures or your music?

If you have not been earning through all these activities, then relax and read this post to the end.

Earlier in year 2022, I explained some concept relative to this topic. A few of those that had encounter with me were asking how much for the startup fee.

I sincerely want to say that no matter the country you are residing, blog setup only requires a little startup amount  which is just the setup fee that would cover Hosting + Domain name and which today, would not cost beyond $30. For more clarity visit namecheap hosting for hosting and domain name pricing.


So, if you have something good going in your environment you could share your thought about it and turn that to a commodity which pulls attention from different online users.

Note: while at it ensure you remain true to yourself. The idea of blogging is to give people what has not formerly existed before and not repeating what people already know.

For a better understanding of that, it is like a market scenario where a new stuff hit the market and everyone is talking about it. So, would you rather prefer to remain with the old product which everyone knows or include a new stuff that everyone would start talking about?

Having answered that, now let us look at the earning angle. Earning through your online activities is another interesting aspect.

Earning money through your blog

Earning money through a blog in 2023 is in fact considered the simplest among all the processes of setting up your blog.

For an individual to make money on his/her blog after setting it up, first you need to have gotten at least up to 50 original contents on the blog and at same time publicise your blog through SEO and enabling good SEO tools that will give you a real time report of your blog progress.

By doing that you stand a better chance to motivate your self to doing more to achieve more success.

Upon completion of a Blog and having all these contents and the necessary traffic pulled to the page on a daily basis, then the next phase is  Ads application.

Out there, there are tons of ads network which any bloggers can work with but importantly among all is Google AdSense.

Another one you might like to partner with as a publisher/blogger is Adsterra. These networks pay you(publisher/blogger) to drive traffic to their advert that you have applied on your blog.

Majority of them measures your payment through an acronym called CPM( Cost per mile ). In my next post I shall give you a delightful break down to the meaning of that acronym.

Now you have an Introductory insight to what blog is and how you can profit from it in 2023.

So some people might be sceptic right about who and who can blog. Alas! Anyone can blog in as much you can read and write and you have a data enabled smart phone. If you are a

1. Fashion designer

2. Barber

3. Teacher

4. Carpenter

5. Welder

6. Lab technicians

7. Doctor or Nurse

8. Artisans of any clime

Anyone can blog. For more information please always check this blog for clarity. I am devoted to explaining difficult concepts to anyone at no charge. Always check and drop your comments below so I can quickly help out.


For questions and answers please comment below.




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