Hurry: W** FGN opens portal for federal jobs against 2023

Nigerian flag

Is there a prophesy about job availability for unemployed youth in the country come 2023?

To all Nigerian youth who are struggling to survive and unemployed, it is time to change the narrative come 2023.  Vote wisely and never sell your vote.

Nigerian flag

Let us raise the flag together in this coming year to promote greater peace and sanity in our country Nigeria.

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If you vote for the right person you will get a better position you desire under Nigerian government.

2023 jobs opening is for you and your folks, if you hoist the flag of patriotism.

Presidential candidates

Look at these men well and make a right decision before stepping out of your comfort zone to drop a ballot paper to the favour of any of these.

Remember, the future of the country is in your hands and my hands.

Let’s make Nigeria great again by ringing the bell as we chant…

No more Corrupt leaders !

No more Corrupt leaders!!

No more Corrupt leaders!!!


We @ INSIDE wish you all a prosperous new year in advance.

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