Blogging has taken a huge part of the information world. It is now the driven force to making anyone rich in 6-figures in days.


This is an act of writing a blog. Blogging has a deep history to writing and in this contemporary time and 90% of tech users, one way or the other performs relative functions on the daily either as a reader or a blogger.

Sometimes, it’s very hard to believe that there are people who do not step outside the comfort of their home in search of their daily bread, despite the economic down turn in some part of the world amid global technological advancement.

Often times, people asks the following questions:

  • What are they into?
  • Is it difficult?
  • Do I need to buy anything to start?
  • Is it for only those that can write?
  • How can I start making money with it?

Well! Let’s look into the questions one after the other

What are they into?- Blogging

They are into blogging (the business of information ). Sincerely, Information is the contemporary source of all livelihoods.

So, if you are not doing the business of information then I wonder how beneficial the contemporary world will be to you.

Is it difficult?

No! Blogging is not difficult when you approach it the right way. Though, it might not start making you money in one day or two days. But, if you could build a working method for yourself and reaching out to the right audience, it could start making you money on the third day.

Do I need to buy anything to start?

Indeed! You need some technological tools to startup, but you do not need to have a huge capital to start up, since the internet is a global space full of opportunities, there are free offers for all the technological tools required to kick start the business.

Some of the technological tools required are:

  1. Smartphone /laptop
  2. Internet data
  3. Domain name
  4. Website hosting account
  5. Website

I am sure by now you would be wondering that you have the first and the second item. So, how do you get the third item (Domain name)? It is easy. You could get it for free or paid.

Free Domain

In other to get your domain name for free to start blogging ( information business), you need to sign up an account on Google blogger, WordPress, Wix ( these websites gives you items 3,4,5 for free at no cost)  or use any of the free domain name  offers from any domain name services such as e.t.c.

Domain name is cheap depending on the kind you would like to use. Nowadays, we have a lot of domains but as a starter I would not advice you to opt in for a top level domain (TLD) except you have the money for their monthly or annual subscription plans.

Since you are getting started I would recommend you get a domain extension, which would only cost you #1,300 naira max for a year. Faire deal right?

In other to have a paid hosting account and a website, namecheap, bluehost, godaddy powers different affordable hosting plans at little cost. For starters, go with the beginner’s plan which would cost like $14 equivalent to #8000 yearly.

So if you calculate the domain amount and the hosting plan, that will be a total of #10,000 approximately. All these for a year before renewal.

Now, after getting domain name hosting ready, you need a website and for starters you need a two pages website at a smaller cost of #20,000.

Adding all these costs together, we would finally arrive at a #30,000 naira investment for life.

So, now you know you could actually start your own business with #30,000 naira as a Nigerian.

Is it only for those that can write?

Interestingly, blogging is not limited to just textual contents alone. You may be a photographer, you can blog your work, and you may be a singer, a producer, a movie editor, a game lover, a narrator, a fashion designer, a hair maker, a barber, a furniture maker, an artist, a realtor, a pastor, an imam, a teacher , stay home mum, stay home dad, baby sitter e.t.c. Anyone can do it.

How can I start making money with it?

After fulfilling all requirements mentioned above to getting started, the next thing is to choose a niche or a business category to start the quest in blogging.

Choosing a niche or business category for blogging

Over time, people get confused when we use the word niche when it comes to online business in fact, when it comes to blogging.

According to Google resource from

A niche is a place or position that is appropriate for someone or something, especially due to being very specific and different from others.

So, choosing a niche is quite easy. In that business or profession you are into, consider an aspect you are very good at and which gives you comfort plus you should be passionate about it. When you discover this, do the following:

  • Plan on what you would start informing people about on the regular
  • Create content, remember not necessarily textual contents.
  • Ensure you are making something unique i.e. It’s not been done before or you are doing it in your own new way.
  • Build audience on your social media platform and gain attention while following and contributing to stuff dropped by other users. As you do, ensure you drop a reference link to your website. It is called backlink.

Doing all of these, it would surprise you, knowing that there are thousands of online users out there, sourcing for that kind of info you are pitching on your blog website and with that you have overcome the hassles of traffic generation to your website (This is the bedrock of your online business).

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Monetizing your blogging website

Upon setting the method and the strategies needed for traffic leads to your blog website, the next step is finding a high paying CPM ads network that would best work for you and also be suitable for your visitors.

There are different types of ads network on the Internet paying well and are ready to work with dynamic publishers anytime.





These ads network pays you for your contents and traffic because they would be serving adverts on your website. In other to compensate you, they pay you based on some terms which are discussed below. Some of these include;

  1. CPC: Meaning Cost per Click. This implies that for every click their advert receives from your blog website, you will get a pay for it.
  2. CPM: Meaning Cost per miles. This deals more with the location of your visitor. There is a variation in the payment made for visits received from different geo-location across the globe. What you will receive for a visit you get from America region will be highly different from the pay for the visit you get from someone visiting from India or Nigeria. This is designed by the ads network especially if such ads are targeted toward US citizens. Don’t be surprise the economy of each country determines the CPM revenue from different ads network.

Other terminologies would be explained further in our subsequent post including ads implementation and connectivity.

If you connect with any of these Ads network, with your traffic leads and also ensures consistency in your chosen niche and at same time prompt with information dissemination, the result would speak for itself.

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