Adeboye Advices Christians Not To Buy Guns

Adeboye to Nigerian Christians: Don't buy guns

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG)  Pastor Enoch Adeboye advices Nigerian Christians not to buy guns despite different security challenges Christians are being faced with today.

Christians do not need guns to get secured he says.

He also made some biblical references as quoted below:

“I never asked Christians to go and buy guns. Samson in the Bible did not fight with guns,’’

The Pastor said on Sunday at the monthly thanksgiving live television programme of the church.

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The clarification came against media reports that the general overseer said it was now


for any attack on Christians.

In other to avoid a deep confusion, Pastor Adeboye came out to readdress the issue while speaking in the program for media to capture and for all Christian follows to understand him well that when he said fire for fire, he was not implying that Christian should go and get guns for themselves for their mortal protection.

In as much as the weapon of our warfare are not canal.

Now to all believers, its been said and advised by the renowned Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye. Christians do not buy guns for your self. The battle is of the Lord. Victory is sure.

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“Don’t buy guns. You don’t want to kill anybody. We just must make sure that unwanted visitors don’t come to our churches, so don’t go and buy guns,’’ he said.

At the July Holy Ghost Service, on July 2, Pastor Adeboye had urged members of the church not to be afraid to attend church programmes because of terrorists attack on a church in Owo, Ondo State.

Terrorists attacked Saint Francis Catholic Church, Owo, on June 5, killed more than 40 worshippers and injured many others.

Adeboye urged Christians to rise to the occasion and call the bluff of the devil.

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