Programming : How To Learn It The Easy Way

How to learn programming

Hey dear, you must have been feeling very sick about the lots of online resource and reference guide on computer  programming such as google.

Well, you are not the only one in that category. There are tons of newbies who are already given up before commencing their quest to achieving their understanding of their chosen programming language.

Nothing is ever difficult if there is a simplified manual to follow. If a 9 year old pupil can do it, then anyone can.

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How to learn programming

Computer programing language is daunting without a proper approach. Perhaps because of it  psychological, logical and mathematical nature since it is the art and science of writing a computer program.

So haven known this,  the best way to startup is to follow the learning organisation below.

1. Non executable comment statement /Remark

2. Input /Output Statement

3. Data types

5  Expression and Assignment Statement

6. Operators

7. Control structures and Conditional Statement

8. Functions and Events

9. Others.

These pattern gives every learner the confidence to understand everything been taught or studied individually without stress.

These iterations is applicable to all programming languages such as PHP, Java, Python, Javascript, Rugby, Pearl, C++ e.t.c.

Following this pattern of learning, any learner can understand  any chosen programming language of choice in a very short time and without learning hassle. Programming would be more fun, expressive and appealing.

Do not jump into learning a language without  properly organizing your learning contents  into the list given above. It has helped me a lot and am still using it to teach concepts to my students.

Having an indepth understanding of any computer language enhances your freedom.

If you have any questions relative to computer programming  please drop your comments below. Thanks.


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