Netflix to Exclusively Stream Sony’s Movies Starting in 2022


Netflix to Exclusively Stream
Sony’s Movies Starting in 2022.
Netflix has reportedly inked an
exclusive multi-year deal with Sony.
According to ‘The Hollywood Reporter,’
the company has secured the
streaming rights to Sony’s films staring in 2022. .
Netflix will now have access to
Sony’s entire library, including its
Columbia Pictures catalogue. .
Unlike its competitors, Sony does not have a
widely-accessible, dedicated streaming service of its own. .
Sony’s films, including the upcoming ‘Morbius’ and
‘Uncharted,’ will stream on Netflix in the U.S. following
their theatrical windows and home releases. .
A number of films co-produced with Marvel will be
included in the deal, excluding sequels to ‘Venom’ and
‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ as they are set for release in 2021. .
Sony’s president of worldwide distribution,
Keith Le Goy, released a statement praising the
“exciting agreement” between Sony and Netflix. .
At Sony Pictures, we produce some of the
biggest blockbusters and the most creative,
original films in the industry. This exciting
agreement further demonstrates the
importance of that content to our
distribution partners as they grow
their audiences and deliver the very
best in entertainment, Keith Le Goy, via Complex

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