I am not a moneybag. I also know Nigeria’s Presidency has never gone to a moneybag

I am not a moneybag. I also know Nigeria

Kayode Fayemi, governor of Ekiti and presidential hopeful on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), says Nigeria’s presidency is not for “moneybags”.


Speaking at a political gathering on Thursday, May 19, Fayemi said he knows that he is not a moneybag but he is also conversant of the fact that Nigeria’s presidency has never gone to moneybags.


Not mentioning those he could classify as moneybags, Fayemi said;


“Inequality, poverty, economic undertones of security challenges are some of the issues to be addressed before we can address insecurity. Kaduna state is one of the major food baskets in the country. We want to absorb our youths into the food value chain of agriculture and we must guarantee credit for our farmers and off-taking of the produce from our farmers.

I am here because I believe we can build on the legacy of our president and I believe I have the capacity, the competence, and the compassion for our people and I can lead the country.

I am not a moneybag, but I also know this job has never gone to a moneybag. But I can raise money.”

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