Udom Emmanuel in Gombe, Bayelsa, pledges good governance

2023: Udom Emmanuel in Gombe, Bayelsa, pledges good governance

Udom Emmanuel

Governor Udom Emmanuel of Akwa Ibom State and presidential aspirant on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, has assured the people of Gombe and Bayelsa states of total rejuvenation of the economy and strategic security architecture, if voted into office.

He was in the states yesterday to solicit their support for votes during the forthcoming primary election of his political party in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, later this month.

While assuring the aspirant of their continued friendship and support, the Gombe delegates noted with delight the long-standing relationships that had existed between the aspirant and them.

They further assured him of their friendship and support towards the realisation of his presidential ambition.

The delegates reminded Governor Udom Emmanuel that Gombe is his second home, while appreciating the aspirant for the long years of identifying with the state and their illustrious sons and daughters.

They chorused during the Gombe carnival-like parley that it was time to reward the aspirant based on the enduring friendship and support that had existed between them over the years.

Governor Udom who was in Gombe State as part of the consultations told his hosts that he had the sincerity and integrity to deliver the required solution to the nation’s economic and security challenges.

He further told the delegates that the security architecture of the country would be redesigned to favour all and sundry while a first-class economic transformation package would be formulated to the advantage of all citizens.

The chairman of Udom Emmanuel Presidential Project, Dr. Gabriel Suswan, a Senator and former Governor of Benue State said that an Udom Emmanuel Presidency would benefit greatly Northern Nigeria, Gombe State in particular.

Suswan assured that the presidential aspirant had the solution to the many security challenges facing Gombe and the Northern part of the country.

While in Bayelsa, the top echelon of the PDP said without reservation that the country was in dire need of redemption as its ship was sinking.

But Senator Suswan, Emmanuel’s Campaign Council chairman said the aspirant, being from the South-South region, knew the peculiar problems of the area and would tackle them head-on, adding that “The interest of the Ijaw people will be addressed with Emmanuel as President.

“The economy is so damaged that what we need is someone with the understanding of the economy to fix things,” said Suswan.

While responding, Udom said “Bayelsa is for Udom and Udom is for Bayelsa”, explaining further that many aspirants ‘’will come to you and campaign and say ‘I will, I will’, but I am already doing it at the sub-national level.

“Today you can see Ibom Air. I am sure Ibom Air flies into Yenagoa. Even if I say nothing, that alone should speak for me.

“If I am faithful in my own little corner, I will be faithful in much all over Nigeria.

“I will replicate what I have done in Akwa Ibom on the national scale and Nigeria will be the better for it.”

Senator Suswam, while introducing Udom Emmanuel said the mantra of “namu” (it must be our own) prevalent in the North has not helped the country.

“We now need a competent president who understands and speaks the language of the economy.

“Our economy has totally collapsed,” he added.

Udom Emmanuel, according to Suswan, had demonstrated capacity to turn around the fortunes of the country, judging by what he had done in Akwa Ibom State.

In his speech, Emmanuel said looking at the entire scenario going on in Nigeria today, he got challenged to step out.

“Why do I need to step out? It is because what Nigeria needs us what I am already providing in Akwa Ibom.  All that remains is for me to take that from the sub-national to national level.

“I understand the language of the economy. I have the hands-on experience. We have a lot of things to show for our capacity and capability”

He promised to diversify the economy “because crude oil days as foreign exchange earner are numbered.”

He added: “The world is moving and we must move with it.”

Other sources of forex generation, the aspirant noted, must be explored, ‘’which is what we are doing in Akwa Ibom.”

Responding, Bayelsa governor, Douye Diri assured that Bayelsa people were well informed, saying that ‘’the current superstructure of Nigeria cannot suffice.”

He said: “There must be restructuring. If you bring an angel, he cannot do anything positive.

“Fairness equity and justice are imperatives to move this country forward”.

He thanked Emmanuel for making his campaign issue-based and preached party unity so that PDP could wrest power from the ruling party.

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