Nigerian idol: Beauty Queen xrays finalists

Nigeria Idol 2020/2021 winner to go home with N50m

Queen Moremi Ajasoro, Akinwale Oluwabukunmi, has xrayed the finalists of the Nigerian Idol show.

She salutes the trio of Banty, Progress and Zadok as excellent singer.

Besides, she urged all tiers of government, corporate bodies and individuals to organise programmes that will engage the youths and keep them off crime and idleness.
The 22-year-old cultural queen said in Lagos on Sunday that programmes like the ongoing Nigerian Idol, a musical talent show, had projected young talents in the country.

Akinwale, a student of Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Osun, who is also a caterer, commended “Nigerian Idol”, for occupying and involving Nigerian youths and keeping them off the street.

“Nigerian idol is a programme that promotes talents in Nigeria and in the past few years, it has projected and empowered successful singers.

“Nigerian idols, I believe has impacted on many lives, it has built talents, in fact we get to see contestants’ performances along the show being better than their performance in their audition.

“That indicates that during the show, they are being trained to be better than what they were before coming to the show and that’s a great one,” she told NAN.

Akinwale, however, said that her projection on who would possibly become the winner was not as important as the gains of the competition.

The level four student of Psychology said, “Not everyone can win a competition but the important thing is to learn while competing.

“Being able to better yourself and spice it to the grand prize is what matters most.

“Banty, Progress and Zadok are excellent singers, each of them with different talents, different voices.

“They all deserve to win but in a competition, only one person wins and to whoever wins the show, I pray they make it in the industry after the exposure,” she told NAN.

NAN reports that the reality show, premiered on March 14 and would hold its grand finale on May 15.

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