Portable threatens to use money to sleep with people’s wives


Zah-zoo singer, Portable (Habeeb Okikiola) , has said that he will exploit his just-found wealth to sleep with other men’s wives.

He says he will do this in retaliation to what monied people did to him in the past.
His Zah-zoo has brought him overnight fame and money, but he seems to have been romancing scandals too.

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In a video going viral, he says, They used money to sleep with my wife before, and now I’ll use it to sleep with other people’s wives,” Portable says:

“You don’t have any money, they slept with your wife, and you’re reporting to sleep with someone else’s wife instead of you.” They slept with my wife once, and now I’m going to sleep with someone else’s wife; nothing will happen.”


Source: Phenomenal

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