Nigerian Grant Saga: Pressure Group Member Raises Alarm Over All Unpaid Grants In Nigeria


A member of the Nigerian pressure group COMR. Peter a.k.a Newman in an audio broadcast raises alarm over all unpaid grants in Nigeria, calling the attention of all Nigerian subscribers to rise up and fight for their right.

“According to him, it is high time that all Nigerian rises up and act fast against the entire grant leaders especially the BOT members, who have shown no concern about the unpaid grant”.

“Following his statement that these leaders are not showing any sign that Telpikon grant would be disbursed in September. He thereby calls on all subscribers from different part of Nigeria: Subscribers in Okene, Kano, Lagos , delta, Abuja , and other parts of Nigeria to rise up and join hands together to put things aright that will aid a swift disbursement of the grant”.

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“He further stated that this time, there won’t be a dialogue of any sort between them the pressure group and any grant leader”

“He said Nigerians have been taken for granted and it is time to show them what Nigerians are capable of this September, as it would not pass by without any positive result”.

More of his statement remains in the audio broadcast below.

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