Jackie B to Queen: Your attitude is affecting Whitemoney’s mental health


Jackie B warned Queen on Friday against an attitude that could get Whitemoney depressed.

The Big Brother Naija house has been having weird impact on most of the housemates.

While there has been one who had to leave because of mental issues, Boma has argued that his affair with a married Tega was occasioned by the spirit of the setting.

On Friday, Angel also cried to the roof that the BBNaija hoiuse had , for her, turned boring and dry.

With Jackie B’s declaration, Whitemoney too may thus be having his own sore moments.

But she said Queen was the reason.

She had offended him early Friday when she accused him of romancing with Jackie B, saying she would not allow him to share his attention for him with anyone.
This led to disquiet on the part of both Whitemoney and Jackie B.
Queen, however, apologised to both of them hours ago.

Jackie B had told her: I know how you feel and everything but try to focus on your friendship with Whitemoney. Don’t let him feel bad because all this is actually affecting his mental health,” Jackie B advised.

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