Any woman who gets pregnant for me now must agree to hide it – Bobrisky


Popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, has said that he is still a male who ‘do girls’.

Bobrisky notes this in an Instagram interview with OVATION Publisher, Dele Momodu.

The controversial guy insists that he is still HE, noting that that is what is on his passport.
He, however, insists that he is not a homosexual.

The only thing he has contemplated is becoming bi-sexual, which, he adds, has not been ruled out.

Below is part of her responses:

As of now, I am a man.
At times I am not.
I am not bisexual.
No. I am not homosexual.
I am not a transgender. I am a crioss dresser.
Looking this way doesn’t make me a gay.
Male. I am a male.
I have dated women.
I don’t enjoy being chased by men.
I don’t date men.
There was a time I was thinking of being a bisexual.
Up till now I still do girls.
I am actually naughty. I’m wild.
There is time for everything
If a lady gets pregnant for me, we have to have an agreement.
Don’t say it out.
I am not a bad role model.
I am very close to my creator.
People don’t believe people like us are close to God.
Even God says don’t judge.
God that created us doesn’t judge.
Whether you are a fine man or mad man, give time to talk to your God.

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